9/365 Gym as an idea of space

Today was kind of my rest-day at the Gym. But since I am on this 365 days project that needs me to be in the Gym I use this day to just be there and move around a bit. I just did some walking on the treadmill and some stretching. But I also tried something new.

Usually I listen to podcasts and audiobooks during my time in the Gym, today I decided to listen to carnatic classical music. It was a quite different experience. I slowed down. I relaxed and I had a different pace than usual.

That is what I started thinking about the concept of space. The Gym is not a place for me. It is a space and I can experience the space the way I want. Today being there with the classical music in my ears the space looked different. It spoke to me much differently than before. I will go back to audiobooks and podcasts but I can see a difference.

Podcasts and Books make my mind race on many levels. One because of what is being said and the other because I have to do this additional effort to understand what is being said. I don’t know if that creates some kind of additional fatigue for the mind. 

I want to try listening to something different in the next few days and try to understand how that impacts. I will share my findings with you. I used the Planet Fitness picture because that is where I go daily.

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