10/365 An hour a day learning something new

Today I was in training all day. Sitting in place listening to someone teach. I always find one single sitting even with breaks very tiring. So when I went to the Gym in the evening, I was kind of worn out. I went slow. My mind was thinking about learning. Maybe the after effects of the training.

I also had a conversation with my daughter who recently started working. My point was that it is so important to spend at least an hour a day learning something new. This gives us 365 hours a year. And it can be learning anything new.

Why do we need to learn new things? I think we all have our own limits of what we know and can comprehend. Unless we learn new things we cannot redefine the boundaries of our knowledge. The more we learn, we realize more of what we don’t know. That is a good thing because most of the time we do not know what we do not know.

Knowing what we don’t know sets the stage for future learning. And I have to reiterate that what we learn is immaterial because every learning takes up a small step forward towards the future. 

That said I have to acknowledge that while I want to dedicate an hour, I don’t do a quantifiable one hour. This could be a good idea to explore in coming days

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