What do we do with ideas that come to our mind?

I think there are three things we can do with ideas. If you think you don’t have one, it is probably because you don’t think the one you have is a good one. We all have ideas. We create them from thin air. Ideas do not come after they figure out the implementation. Ideas are there…. many many many….

The First thing we can do about an idea is to say it is not relevant, that it is a bad idea, that we have no time, that the poor idea was born at a wrong time, or that it is born a bit too early and so on. Be creative in finding a way to suffocate and get rid of it ASAP.

The Second thing we could do is to spend the next unimaginable time possible to deliberate and dissect and plan and discuss and learn everything under the sky about the idea. But not do anything else about it. I mean do everything other than pressing the start button.

The Third thing we can do is to think how we can get started on this idea. Ask ourselves what we need to do on this idea in the next one or two weeks. Have a time box with a clear outcome you want at the end of that Time Box.

I like the third approach because there is an action in that. And nothing else can give an idea a life or a magnificent funeral other than an Action. Don’t let ideas die cold and slow. Let them spark and in that spark let them choose to live or die. But give them that spark.

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