A Boredom from the past NPM2023 2/30

Did I tell you that I am bored?
I know it sounds weird.
because being bored is not a thing anymore
It is something of the past
All Boredoms are now buried in the mobile apps

But yes I feel bored at times.
No, Not when the Mobile phone loses its charge
With Mobile Phone next to me.. yes
I feel bored

I have tried to analyze this boredom
And it took me to a day in the past.
A day when my good friend was not there to play
a real human being… a kid of ten
with flesh and life and a big smile he was

It was around five in the evening.
He was my only friend.
He did not come to play
I went to his home looking for him.

They said he was not well
They took him to the hospital
I went back home, sat on the doorsteps
I looked at the ball and bat in my hand

I walked outside the gate
I tried to play on my own
I had both the ball and the bat to myself that day
but he was not there.

Even today sometimes I feel bored
May be I miss him
May be I just turn ten sometimes

It is like time got stuck somewhere
Even years later there is that feeling
that a ten year old will walk out of a hospital
Maybe sometime in the future
I will walk over to him

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