It is there ! NPM2023 3/30

It is a terrible pain
It comes from the corner of the room
It has droopy eyes
It seems to know that I don’t care

It does not have any feet.
Just a wheel kind of thing
attached to its back
It does not understand language

It must have been there for a long time
It could as well be a million years old
I don’t know if it is alone
Did it have a family?

I cannot see if it is there
But I can feel it
There is a kind of smell in the room
I thought it was me
But now I know it is not me

The smell is familiar
Or so I feel now.
May be because in dark rooms
Smells are always shining Bright

It is a terrible Pain
And yes it is walking towards me.
No, it is rolling towards me.
I know it does not know I am there
And I am just standing here and waiting


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