Lives on lines NPM2023 13/30

There is a long line there
I cannot see anyone I know
there are some familiar faces
but that is not a problem
the issue arises
one when I am familiar to them.

This is the 6th line I am standing in
the other five was shorter than this one
may be I am just feeling that way
our view of past is never proper
it is clouded with our
experiences of the present

We have nothing else to do
stand in lines and wait
the interesting part is we do it
like we were born for this
lines, lines and more lines

Stand on both legs and then
stand on one and back on two
watch the people before you
a slight envy but hide it
watch the people behind you
a slight relief but hide it

it is the same story everywhere
people of all race and color
languages and gender and nationality
lined up one after another
lines that lead to different lives

some are alive when they reach the end
some give up in the middle
some die just one more person to go
some are even born in lines
lines, lines and more lines
lives lived and finished in lines.


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