Words in a Burned Paper NPM2023 21/30

He was a Slender old man
he had a black briefcase
his wrists did not have a watch
yet he knew it was time

he walked up to the car
he took a look at the motel
he did not smile
he opened the door

He did not start the car
he sat there with closed eyes
he was waiting

He opened the briefcase
pulled out a packet
and slowly opened it

He pulled out a paper
unfolded it slowly
he stared at it

He took his lighter
lit the paper
Started the car

he put his hand out
the paper burning in them
his car started moving

he drove away
the letter almost burnt
crumbles and falls on the ground

I walk over to the paper
there is written something
I put off the fire and read

I Love you dear!!!
I truly love you

No idea if he had written
or someone had given him !

But love can happen to anyone


Categories: National Poetry Month, Poetry

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