Try Again

Spilled Milk yesterday Reminded eternal loss Broken glass today Resembles broken heart Try again tomorrow


Bury them today So tomorrow will be new Tear into pieces So new ones can be taken memories & photos

I Care

Love, always fair Worth every single share Always there For you my dear I truly care

The Wild – Gogyokha

In the wild the young, old and aged covered in mud chained hands, and bloodied head still not dead

Who Wins? – a Gogyohka

Rain drops Racing with sun’s rays Falls on my forehead I see them in the sunlight Who wins? NOte: This is a Gogyōka (五行歌: literally, “Five line poem”) (commonly spelled Gogyohka in English) is a form of Japanese poetry pioneered by Enta Kusakabe in the 1950s in his quest to find freedom from the restraints…