The blood from the knife dripped and stained the carpet; He smiled; now he does not have to fear getting scolded for stained carpets


“You were so strict with me &why are you so lenient with my daughter” She asked her mom; “I am correcting my mistake” Told her mom smiling


Some took guns & sprayed bullets in the air; Some took a chalk & shared knowledge on a blackboard; One made history & other made our future

It’s Over

He walked up to her & said that it was over; she looked at him & smiled; ‘finally’ she said; the book had kept him away from her for 2 days


He left his home to reach somewhere, but got lost in the way. When he finally returned home, but had lost himself


Calls in sick @10; Watches ‘The Social Network’ in the theatre @11; FB location Status autoupdates @11+; Boss logs in @4; Gets fired @5


He loved every girl in town; He knew that love is something you give without expecting in return. He was always happy.


They both worked to bring power, peace & harmony to the people; When power came it corrupted one & the other was executed