He typed it, read it and corrected it; He read it several times more and finally clicked send; He was a free man now.


He was pissed off; He was totally lost; He slowly walked out & stood in the open ‘bars should be 24X7, how am I suppose to get home now’


He walked towards the tree & hugged it & said “It has been 20 years, you have grown so tall; I still remember holding you in these hands”


His wound was deep into the flesh & punctured his soul, then she came into his life healing his body & soul moments by moments


He was deceived by her, cheated and belittled. She promised him exotic masala tea and he ended up with a black coffee in his hand


It rained like this 60 years ago, He gave her his umbrella & she had never returned it; today all soaked she is asking for it once again


They looked down the cliff & then into each other’s eyes; They saw an abundance of love; “Not Now” They turned and walked back to life