I will

I will believe in you
If you believe that
I can believe in you

I will trust you
If you can trust that
I can trust you

I will be happy
If you are happy
Seeing me happy

I will cry for you
If you are hurt
When you see me hurt

I will sing for you
If you can understand
The music in my words

I will write for you
If you tell me
The Story of your life

I will dance for you
If you can play
The music for me

I will praise you
If you tell me
You don’t need it

I will laugh for you
If you make fun
And laugh at me

I will protect you
If you are too weak
To protect others

I will be there for you
When you need me
And when you don’t

I will die for you
If you need to live
And I am in the way

But I cannot think for you
For you are the thought
That fuels my existence

I will love you
Even if you hate
The very thought of loving back

Categories: Poetry

1 reply

  1. Very deep and intense – at the end it brought tears in my eyes ~ Love is amazing isn’t it 🙂
    Keep writing and keep the spirit high always as I am always there for you , with you!

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