Comment of Scott Kim’s TED Talk

Puzzles are so fun to solve and here is someone who finds it lot more fun to make them. In the world of puzzles in our real world, many of us are more creators like Scott rather than solvers.

We create puzzles of seemly simple things and get lost in it unable to solve them. And then there will come a genius telling how stupid we were to create them in the first place.

Check this out
Thinking about loosing weight and creating complex theories on how we are gaining it when what we need is reduce fatty & sugary food & some exercise

Focusing on what is bad in life and being unhappy, when what we need is to realize that if we can find one thing that makes us happy, do it, for it will flow into & replace every other negativity

Getting puzzled on relationships with others when the only thing you need is to be honest, open and accept that both of you are imperfect

Let Scott make the puzzles that trigger our brain and let us not create puzzles in life that wreck our brain – Good talk

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