2010 Resolution

What can be a better topic for the first post in the New Year 2010 other than typing in my resolution? And so here we go on what I have in mind for change in life this 2010

  1. Try being Vegetarian every now and then – I mean try not be as I am always a committed carnivorous. So once in a while avoiding meat and adding more veggie into the diet is for 2010
  2. Be Patient – My High Temper last year on things trivial and important has been a great concern and I take 2010 to be more patient. That’s a tough proposition for me and people who have known me over the past years will know that, but 2010 will work on bringing calm and peace into my life and my interactions with others
  3. Go Slow – Unfortunately all the energy spend in 2009 has not resulted in the expected results and so rather than putting more energy in 2010, I decide to go slow. By slow does not mean ‘be lazy’, but doing things slower so you can enjoy what you do and do it with precision. This can be about work, hobbies, playing with kids, eating, and more. Rather than rushing through a life that is sure to end, enjoy it by going slow. The interesting part is that this will end up you doing only things that you love and make a difference in life, because you can never slowly do what you don’t like.
  4. Connect and Contribute– Last few years I have lost connections with many near and dear and also found that I connected with many old friends whom I had no clue how to reach out, thanks to social media tools. Well 2010 should be a year of connecting with your friends, family and other people that matter in your life Social media or not. Taking time to reach out and speak and let them know you care and that you are there. A year to connect and contribute to the lives of others, being an active participant in the process of enriching life

“Happy 2010 to you all and wish you a Healthy, Peaceful, enjoyable and well connected year ahead”

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