My New Year Tradition – There is a full bottle left and plenty of glasses to fill :)

champagner-1071356_1920For the past few years during the end of the year I have this small tradition to write something about either the year that passed or the year that is yet to come. I did that for 2014, 2013, 2012, 20112010 and 2009. So I am going for the same this year. Not sure if they are resolutions or plans or reviews, but some notes about life in general and some images to carry on and some to be left behind

2016 for me is going to a year for ‘me’, ‘myself’ and ‘I’… Now folks might think that is such a selfish thing to say.. Oh! really? well the fact is it is like that for most people, just many do not acknowledge. It does not mean do not do things for others but it is important you never push yourself back, if you do not do anything for yourself, no one else is going to do it for you. So be practical and take care of yourself, don’t get run over by others… It is always better living than dead because life is all about you and your existence 🙂

Every year we leave something behind, it can be some habits you do not want to take forward, ideologies and thought process you no more need, may be some extra fat, anything like that.. For me as I step into 2016 I leave behind a few things that were quite valuable and important to me. I leave behind some expectations and reflections of relationships and friendships that I do not wish to carry forward… I also leave behind a part of me which in the new life equation is of no use in the future… which is in a way very relieving  🙂 You should try it sometime and I am sure will make you happier.. We all carry baggages filled with stupid obligations that force us to be nicer than true to yourself. As the new year starts shed any such picayunish emotions that hold you back and move on……

2016 is not just about me, it is also about what I think is important to me in this world and that includes my friendships and relationships which I will continue to uphold at an inch above myself. I do that not for others but for me, it makes me feel good that I can feel good for others and their wellbeing. My world view is about equality and rationality in every walk of my life and I will be spending more time writing and working towards that which would obviously mean more debates with many people I dearly care for : )

2015 taught me that as human beings we can become better than what we think we can. The power within us to be good is slightly more than we think we have. I experienced that in 2015 and I am sure I can help others do that. I repeat…. We are way better than what we really know.

I also now have a new perspective about wounds. It is that there are wounds that stretch across life into the past and into the future and will keep sprinkling salt into the wound. It will pain but never really heal. But life is not really about healed wounds. It is about wounds that remind you to not be as before. Healed wounds make you forget and repeat. Wounds that remain fresh make you cautious and practical. Wounds are not bad, just a reality that helps you be better…

Wounds can be bandaged with Love and so 2016 will be a year of love….. and love making : ) redefining the boundaries and exploring the depth of love….. that is what will make it a lovely year….

2016 will also be a year of less vices and that means the picture of the bottle is water and not wine… : ) The favorite liquid for 2016 is water and not Brandy…..

2016 is also going to be a year of serious poetry… for reading and writing. A few interesting things in stock and will shortly get that going talks, readings, a stage event, video and more… all in stock for a new year

As I said in the start 2016 is all about ‘me’, ‘myself’ and ‘I’ and I missed ‘you’ are the most important element in that (‘myself’ and ‘I’) so, you automatically become part of my life even this coming year (with some exceptions 🙂 )….

2016 will be a year of the free… and that means improving my ability to not fly outside but fly inside myself freely without prejudices….. 🙂 And as the image says the bottle is full and many glasses to fill : )


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