My 2015 New Year Note

We have successfully pushed the year back. Well we did not really push it, it gave way as we lived through it. But it is nice to think that we had something to do about it. After all maybe we did, because many of us survived to see it while many did not. We live in a very different world where our survival is not always the outcome of a planned effort. Many of us were just lucky getting through it. There are many who were less lucky than us.

The interesting this is that there is no remedy; not this new year, not the past year for us to get more lucky. Yes there are things we can all do in terms of healthy living, careful driving and so on where some actions if not checked can make us unlucky. So that is more or less the limit of what we are in control of. At the same time we also have the power to make others Lucky. And that is something we should all focus to do. I wish we all are here to celebrate the next year and many such years till an year comes when we won’t be there anymore. That is a fact of life which only makes us live our moments to the fullest. Spend time with your loved ones, do things that make a difference to all, say thank You, say sorry and just be good.

I know it is easier said than done, but once said, once written, it is  easier to stay as a reminder. For everyone of us the ‘twists of Life’ come in between, make us be bad to others, hurt other’s feelings, make us act in ways that we are not proud of later. We even end up doing and saying things that we cannot take back and some we have to carry for the rest of our life. None of us are above these, but we can think, we can make sense of what goes in our mind and in some ways control our actions.

I have always felt people do that, at least the people I regularly interact try to do the good things, they do not intentionally hurt others. So I am happy that last year got me connected with some good people, at work, in the place I live and that places I go. People I can happily both agree and disagree without fear of losing friendship. I love that, and makes me feel we all live in a matured world after all.

But the world we live has violence and I know the world has produced many people who are bend on creating havoc and trampling on the basic rights of other human beings and living beings. What ever be their philosophy, ideology, religion or thought process I know I cannot relate with them because they consider their ‘crap interpretations’ above ‘basic humanity’. So my year will be again be spend on opposing and writing about things I feel are inherently bad for us and I know that will not make everyone comfortable. But no one says our responsibility in the world is to make everyone comfortable… We cannot make everyone happy and we should not aim for it.

That being said it is interesting to note that not everything I did in my past year has been something I am proud of; there are stuffs I can categorize as ‘being ashamed of’. There are stuffs only a few people really know, there are some I would never even want people to know. Acknowledging them regularly this year is one major action item for 2015.

And as I sign off this first blog post of the year one thing is clear, this is a good time for everyone  of us to journey into our past year; to shake some severed hands, to do some apologies, to give some appreciations, to partake in some common grieves and so on…. Because on a personal level all these should matter if we need to break our animated incompleteness that will show itself to us again this new year.

Wishing you a Great 2015 and make sure you don’t wait for Feb 14th to say I love you to your loved one.


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