I wish to be free to be lost

the-room-1269145-mI have journeyed in language and
often lost my way between words
been stranger to some of them,
yet found profound meaning
even in the tiniest of them…..

I have also journeyed in thought
and lost my way trying to figure out
the direction in which I was going….

I have been a third person in my own mind
have fallen in love, disagreed, fought and even
complained about that enigmatic self who is
not ready to confine itself in me…..

I know that sometime I am not myself
but just an image or maybe just a word
in which I repeatedly lose my known self….

I know that I exist,
but I am not ready to restrain my adrift self
to prove that point….
not today, not anytime in the future
I wish to be free to be lost