Support Photographer Rafeeque whose Studio was burnt down for questioning the Purdah system in Islam

RafeequeThis is Rafeeque Thaliparamba and his news might not get global coverage because it happened somewhere in Kerala and many would think the gravity of the issue is not that big. But this incident is another face of intolerance. It is a slap on the basic human right of every individual to question what any religion prescribes. It is a dagger on the freedom of an individual to think freely….

Rafeeque Thaliparamba a photographer from Kerala saw his studio burned down because he questioned the purdah system in Islamic tradition. This is unacceptable in a free democratic world because asking questions is a fundamental right of any thinking human being. So it is important you support people like Rafeeque.

If someone questions a tradition in your religion you have no right to use force to silence them; that is called uncivilized and barbaric. If you take questioning as abuse then that is a problem with your mental framework and you need to grow up and act like sensible adults.

Anyone should have the free right to question any religious tradition that they feel is not rational or infringes on basic human rights. You can debate, put forth counter arguments, you can disagree and if nothing works and you have no sensible arguments to counter you can change or lower your head and walk off from the discussion; but you do not use force, and get angry at the people who dare to think free. You do not have a right to use force but you are free to remain locked in your irrational religious thoughts… You do not silence free thought….

Rafeeque and those who support him is the face of a generation who will question irrationality be it in religion or politics and they need all the support.

You can read about the news here

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