Celebrating an Atheist’s Christmas by making Masala Biscuit

IMG_20151225_133237Christmas comes from ‘Christ’s Mass’ meaning that people remember the birth of Christ. Now for atheists like me who do not believe in God, I mean kids like me who stopped believing in Santa and then never took on to start believing in another imaginary bearded man up above, what does Christmas really mean?

I have always had that thought, because presents, friends, good food and booze are not really bad religious items, they are humanist forms of love, relationship and fun. So for an atheist like me Christmas is all about that; friends, presents for me and others, good food and some booze. May be that is why I do not wish anyone Merry Christmas, because I wish that they all be happy like this all year and not just on Christmas day.

Someone’s birth and later on his torture and death should not be the reason you do what you need to do. Not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I wish there is a very rational reason for all the good you do in your life and so I wish you all the very best in life, not just on Dec 25th but always… everyday all our life as good human beings who evolved from apes we should also be good to animals in general (except eating a few but obviously doing the killing in a humane way). Any by the way if you look at nature, killing for eating is part of nature…

So Christmas and Ramadan have been integral to my upbringing along with Onam and Vishu in Kerala, India. All had the same significance to me; Holiday, friends, food, presents and laughter. So today on Christmas, this atheist will be visiting his friends and spending some good time and I am making Masala Biscuits, a Kozhikodan delicacy for the potluck

IMG_20151225_132516I don’t know if a person called Christ existed, but I know no one has any proof that God exists (or existed) and so stories told by religion usually have no factual significance whatsoever. But Christ as the story goes was a good man and he told people good things at least from what I have heard. But what did the people do in his name?

They went on for centuries killing and converting people across the world saying only Christ was right. They continued that till the opposition to them and the church grew so high that the atrocities started tapering down… many people stopped taking the Bible literally and stopped basing their life just as per bible words or in other words they started becoming more humane and said not just Christians but everyone is equal the same way. Bible became just a book, christ became less a son of god and more a symbol of goodness and so on. But that happened after so many centuries of steaking, torching and other ways of killings of non believers and free thinkers.

So this Christmas I dedicate this post to all those lives lost and being lost in the name of God all over the world. To all free thinkers out there… I am sure even God believers would agree that losing a life is the worst thing that can happen to mankind. Every life has a value, same value be it christ’s or yours or mine or anyone else. That way we are all the same kind, the same human kind… 🙂

And for today’s party this Atheist has made Masala Biscuit..


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