Bajirao Mastani – Dude it is just a movie don’t over glorify anything in it

Bajirao-Mastani-wallpaper-3Bajirao Mastani does not need much of a review. No doubt it is a mega project and Ranveer Singh did a good job as Bajirao, I loved the two songs and the picturization. The war scenes also looked realistic but the character was more super hero than a historical human. And starting off well the movie just went off track somewhere and lost me.

But the world says different, All people I know are talking very high about the movie. So they can tell me what is good?

Many would say, it talks about love that transcends religion. Well really and how many of those who say so want their kids to marry their own religion and how many would clap for the movie and then disagree with intercaste and inter-religious marriage. Now you can argue with me as why do you love Godfather movie, is it because you support organized crime. To them I say well find something else to argue.

My point is simple, it is just a movie and people can take anything anyway. Some would say wow, it shows love is blind look how it flows across all over and others would say, it shows how you can cheat on your spouse and rationalize it as love. Some would say it shows you one should not even trust their own son, while some will say no it is the mom who is the root of the problem. There are ones who would say the heroin is always the lover and never the wedded spouse.

Some would say Mughal Empire is the root of all problem in India while some others would say no it is hinduraj. Some would say war is good at times and others would feel winners are always right. And again there are those who would say that losers never got the chance to write history. At the end none of these matter.. it is just another movie…

Watch it, but don’t bring that as history, moral messaging and glorify anything…. because in the end it glorifies a warrior in the past, and the world today does not need sword swinging warriors who look at the past because when people swing swords it does not matter what the color of their flag; because only innocent people die in any clash. We need people with senses to look ahead, not glorify monarchy be it Mughal or Maratha…

Not a great movie as many would say… but not bad either… just do not glorify it in anyways….

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