As an Atheist I will say #Weareallmuslims; but I will say a bit more

woman-281473_1920I am an Atheist; I do not believe in God or Religion and my views for that matter have been opposing to those who believe. But I also uphold anyone’s right to believe in what they want to believe or follow the religion they want to follow.

We will disagree and we will debate but at the end of day I wholeheartedly accept you as my own… the same species in the evolution chain (whether you believe in evolution or not).

You do not have to fear me because I will not force my lack of belief on you but will oppose what you do if that cuts into the basic human rights, freedom and liberty. I do not think an imaginary God or a man made religion has the right to impose itself on the freedom, not on mine and not on yours.. and that is because we are equal, again not in the eyes of god but in the face of earth we live in.

That being said I want to say #Weareallmuslims as Michael Moore said and I do that not for any political reason but because I strongly believe no one should be discriminated or denied rights and freedom because of what they believe in or what religion they follow.

Discrimination has been there through out History and even now; when communist regimes did not allow people to practice religion and when religious regimes took away freedom of religion or lack of it; we have also seen tyrants who divided and ruled based on race and language. There is discrimination of gender, age, color, religion, race, caste and so on.. Every discrimination should be opposed and fought.

So Today as an Atheist, Rationalist, Humanist and Feminist I stand with all the Muslims around the world who might be facing the heat for being identified with a religion and I say #weareallmuslims. No one has a right to discriminate based on belief and religion.

I also stand by the Atheists in Muslim countries who are prosecuted for not believing in God…. In the same tone as I say #weareallmuslims I also say #IamRaifBadawi to support Raif Badawi the freethinker and liberal Saudi blogger who is imprisoned and flogged. And my request to all Muslims around the world is to say #FreeRaiBadawi

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