Go Wander my good heart

night-961738_1920My heart wanders in the streets
I try hard to hold it back
Those streets I know are dangerous
with its dark alleys from where
memories dark and horrible
pounce on you
you can shake them off and keep going
but the alleys are too many
many forgotten
but as you walk they become more real
they suck you in
like vacuum cleaners of your life
but they don’t clean
they leave painful debris
that you bring back into reality
and then you are left
with this dirtiness of a kind
you will try finding and you will find
but what
I tell my heart to not go there
but it would not listen
well it is also true
the heart does not listen to you
you need to listen to your heart
it will take you to those streets
but bring you back safe…
so I close my eyes and say
take me where you want to wander
I am safe with you
because you are good
yes my heart…. you are good
you are too good
go wander…
go wander….