How Salman are you? Sorry how Human are you? :)

166360-salman-473I have no words for people who say ‘I am happy Salman is free, now he can do more good and charity” Either they are stupid or they are blind or both. Like one of my friend posted recently, they might have been dropped on their head as babies…. repeatedly….. 🙂

The fact is Salman’s net worth is around 200 million dollars which is around 1350 crores. And he is hailed as the best human for charities of amount such as 10 lacs. I am sure people jump up and down when he gives 1 lac as well

10 lacs is like .007% of his networth or for my US friends you making 5000 dollars in monthly income and paying $37 in charity every month.

If you do something like that how many people do you think will applaud you? May be you also think donating $37 from a $5K salary is not that a big thing.. But you did it without driving over sleeping innocent people and killing and injuring them. So Who is better in charity and being human? you or Salman Khan?

More over may be you think the black buck poacher Salman is a guy with no black money either… He removing his shirt and dancing in front of a crowd that raises money for people is a charity and I would say that if you remove your dress/shirt/whatever and dance people will give you also much more than $37…

Again who is better, you or Salman… I think you are a better human being than salman… that’s my only point… Be human don’t be salman, he is a rich guy who got away committing a crime (with people dead) spending more money probably more than what he spends for charity…

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