The long years – Sunday Musings

road-348544_1280Most times when you look back at a year you feel it is short, especially when compared with the stretch of life that lay in the past. And then sometimes the year is too long that even a lifetime is short to get rid of the remnants of it from oneself. And then what about a year and a half or  two years… longer and longer. It depends on how deep the debris have been laid.. how intact is its piercing hurt ? One has to call it the past and move on, but then move on to where. Yes time is a forward phenomenon and constant in its flow.. what can be changed is our perspective of the pace. Slow it down, pace it up.. never be stuck in it. Yes there are no escapes from long stretches of time except the fact that you can rework the future dynamics, you can reword the already written poems, you can reconstruct stories, you can change the course of the flow.. you can let new blood into it… you can breathe out the death from it… you can try to lighten up the dark alleys you passed through but only realized your fear at a future time. Isn’t that amazing how we using our own hand can ease or throttle it…. how much we fall in control unknowingly… how much we feel helpless being clasped in our own hands… No it is not worth pondering because it is just a dead existence. But remind yourself, time is longer that we think.. years can be long.. too long to live out of in a life time


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