Aamir and remark on growing Intolerance – Thoughts and Opinions on Mr. Perfectionist/Opportunist

Aamir_Khan_March_2015The media is in a frenzy over the Mr. Perfection’s remarks on intolerance. He said he is shocked when his wife Kiran said she fears for their kid in this growing intolerant India and thinks if it is better to leave the country. The people are divided, some hailing Aamir as the greatest thing ever seen on planet earth and others saying he is adding fuel to things.

I am a person who admire his commitment to movies and also wrote about his program on TV ‘Satyameva Jayathe. Then I also found Aamir supporting and consoling the drunken driver aka killer Salman Khan. A tearful example of fraternity love. Well one can be a opportunist but only some can be opportunists on the limelight 🙂 So what Aamir says even if that might have some meat (not beef just meat) in it I care the least. For me Aamir is a showman who can make money and (awareness) on a TV episode on drunkenness but go and support a guy who killed people sleeping on the platform by driving over them drunk. So I don’t give a shit to what Aamir says.

Now for intolernace, yes there is intolerance, but at the level Aamir or Sharukh or Salman would feel or Anupam Kher can say there is not. The level at which intolerance ruptures people is at a level they cannot see because they are showmen and entertainers and celebrities first and then the social conscious shit they claim to be.

I like Aamir and Anupam for their acting, Anupam over Aamir to be precise. I don’t thing Sharukh is a great actor but a much bigger star. Salman Khan is a fool, sorry he is just being human. That has nothing to do with every word they puke in public. I care less. My take is just watch their movies if you like and don’t waste time on what they say whether you are for or against it. Or you can do like what I did when Bhajrangi BHaijaan came – I will not watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan

So there is intolerance in a level these morons cannot see. For people to stop watching Aamir, Sharukh or Salman movies because they represent a minority and that way impact their money making power, it will take a long time and before that many people in India would have succumbed to intolerance. So Aamir you can say what you want or leave if you want because it is not you who is really impacted but many others. Talk something against Salman and what happened when he killed those folks before opening your mouth Mr. Opportunist


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