random Thoughts


Tied up in the knots of fate, we are stuck With a veil of Illusion on common sense Trapped in the disgraceful quest for Power We lie awaiting a fractured future If we need a better tomorrow We should be… Read More ›

Time to Change

Blend you night with your day that passed If you get a good night’s sleep you have been good Blend your day with your last night’s sleep If you are dull, it is time for you to change

Trust and Mistrust

Some build their relationships on mistrust while some do it on pure trust. The former build their life with control systems and check points to not fall prey and name it being cautious. The latter believes that people are inherently… Read More ›

First Sip

He looked at her through the golden color that filled the glass. She did not seem to have worn her sari; it was just loosely covering her frame, ready to smoothly slide off any moment. The scotch in the glass… Read More ›