An Open Letter to 2013

Hi 2013…

2012-2013-pic11Yet another year gets smothered by its successor….. the world rejoices….. the hope that the new year will wipe out everything dreadful…. turn them into easily forgettable bite size memories…… don’t worry…. we now have the peace of mind of surviving another year… with many promises given that we could never keep….. with many futile attempts to be selfless…… we are ready to happily embrace you….

In 2012 we saw the world suffocate from unshed tears…. countless smiles were mercilessly shot down…. we witnessed respect and honor battered and bruised publicly…. yes it is true we have very short memories…. at least about things that don’t directly matter to us….

We faithfully and without regret forget the pains that others have to endure …. Dear 2013 you should know… our ability to discard any probability of seeing ourself in a victim’s place is indeed commendable… that could very well be the skill that always keeps us going…. that ability to forget and move on…. We know you must be smiling…. but that is true…

But looking back at 2012 many of us find ourselves fortunate for no evident skill of ours…. and that feeling is kind of painful… it makes us realize that our complaining is so inane…. and it even severs our ability to forget…. it dismantles our belief systems for some serious rebuilding and restructuring….

So as we come to you we will bring with us some of the 2012 just to remind ourselves… of the many things we will surely forget without remorse…. because it makes us understand better…. the simple truth that we are no different from the person next to us…. that you might be no different from your predecessor… look at 2012 as it is lying on its death bed and listening to the champagne glasses clinking…. the world rejoicing on your arrival and also on its dismissal…. But we will rejoice at your deathbed as well…. you know the drill…..

And now enter you knowing one thing…. that what we give to you is the only thing in our control…. what we get out of you is just an abstract embodiment of our aspirations…. nothing concrete…. we accept that challenge…. Dear 2013, we accept that challenge… We will give our best and force you to give us your best…

2013…. we welcome you to our life…. we are all ready for you….

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