How did my 2011 go?

As 2011 comes to a close you naturally look back and see how the year went by and then look forward (without any sense of the blind alleys and surprise appearances you might have) at the year ahead. I had penned down a few resolutions and then as always forgot about it and let life take its course. Now it is time to look back and then look forward.
Here are what I decided as 2010 ended and how they look as 2011 comes to an end….

Read More
Had an intensive reading routine this year and covered around 25 books primarily non-fiction ranging from politics, education, evolution, culture, creativity, business, history and more

Read regularly to our three year old
Though it was much better that 2010, I feel it was not enough and seems like I should be doing more of this.

Be more expressive with love
My loved ones would say more about this, but again in my opinion this is something you can always do better than what you have done.

Spend more time with family
Compared to 2010, I was able to spend much more time this year with every evenings except maybe two or three days this year I was at home every day in the evening and with my family. The priceless possessions in life can be enjoyed only by sparing more time for it 🙂

Learn a New Language
No way… that was too high to meet but both kids started learning Spanish J

Visit a new country (Visit, not in transit)
Would have had this, but as usual time, finances and lack of urge came in between….

Publish a book of poetry in March

A few other things that happened was completing the novel writing challenge for NANOWRI. Making some career shifts, Watched some great movies, Made some new friends, Got a Tatoo and an ear piercing, Had mom and in laws visit and stay with us, Got into an exercise regime though it is not reflecting on the waistline, Had a short story selected for an online magazine, watched Phantom of Opera and still spending the holidays in Vegas.

Ultimately what ever resolutions you make or achieve there is no personal triumph that matters in this world when you depend and owe so much to the people you love and live for. Time spend with loved ones is the greatest achievement of 2011 and what gave the ultimate meaning to my life

Wishing all my loved ones including family, friends and even those I am yet to know A very happy New Year, A 2012 filled with the Love, creativity, Laughter and happiness.

Wishing you all more time to spend living and loving than making a living and loving the frantic run to win every race in life 🙂

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  1. “Ultimately what ever resolutions you make or achieve there is no personal triumph that matters in this world when you depend and owe so much to the people you love and live for.” – well said, Vinod.

    Wishing you a happy and meaningful new year to you and your family!


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