A Must Read – I can’t keep my own secrets

When Hemmingway was challenged to write a Novel in six words, he wrote
“For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn.”

People found that so little words could bring with them so amazing and interesting a story that writing short became an art by itself.

Not many books come by that encompasses the sentiments and feelings of an entire generation. But here is one that is so unique that it is written by 600 Authors. Yes, 600 authors aged between thirteen and nineteen penning their memoir in just six words.

I know I am not a teen anymore, at least not in looks, but much in my mind I would like to believe.

The fact that I was once a teen and that I will be the parent to one in the coming years made this a must read for me. I am sure many of my friends would also like to read this and you will find this a very compelling read.

I am putting in a few of them here so you get a feel. Some of them are funny, some can bring a tear to your eyes, some so profound and deep that we realize that age is not a necessity for great thoughts.

If there is one thing that is evident in all the writings, it is the honesty. The honest opinion of a generation that knows that they are already burdened with the responsibility to find answers to a myriad of questions that our generation will be leaving unanswered and unsolved

Enjoy the following words from some very honest folks

“Met online; love before first sight.”

“You’re the parent; Act like one”

“God abandoned me, so I reciprocated”

“Dreams too big for this town….”

“Turn around, and you’re all alone”

“Refusing to be just another statistic”

“Iraq doesn’t need you. I do”

“Follow your dreams not your parents”

“Got expelled. Felt like living again”

“Honor Roll. No friends. Bright Future”

“Fake smiles, Hidden tears, Real Laughter”

“The good daughter and therefore invisible”

“You chose pot, I chose poetry”

“Waiting indefinitely for life to begin”

“Fell down, Got up, Kept Dreaming”

“I draw my dreams in crayon

“I got help, it didn’t help”

“The potential of the Blank Page”

“All I know is I don’t”


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