Two Documentaries – One Experiment

This was not a predefined experiment, it so happened that when some time and two good Documentary themes came together the after effects of watching them turned out to be an experiment, the experience of which my mind relishes even now.

The two documentaries are interesting but not necessarily identical. But watching them back to back is what made all the difference.  When you watch one documentary and rest your mind on the after thoughts, you are always focused on what was conveyed in the film and you interpretation of the same from your experience.

But when you watch two such interesting themes back to back, the experiment begins. Your thoughts become mixed and you start running between the two rather different topics at time connecting them and at time contradicting each other. The mind goes through a very energizing exercise and you start looking at things very differently than what anyone has looked into before. Because the chances of someone seeing the same two documentaries back to back is very low.

What makes the experience worth blogging for me is the theme that each documentary carried.

The first Documentary was “Examined Life” by Astra Taylor that takes you through the thoughts, opinions and observations of some renowned western philosophers who discuss about Moral, ethics, culture, individualism, wealth, leisure and more. More than a conversation it’s the director listening to pieces of life as seen by people who have dissected it beyond the comprehension of common people like us

The Second Documentary was “Close to Home: Scenes from a Recession” On New York City’s affluent Upper East Side, “Frontline” producer Ofra Bikel explores how the country’s ongoing recession is affecting the diverse array of common people who pass through her local hair salon, from wealthy bankers to struggling actors. As Deborah Boles, the salon’s owner, describes the obstacles to keeping her business afloat, her sister, Barbara, laments her own inability to pay the astronomical interest on her subprime mortgage.

Now you would understand why I say the experience of after watch is so worth blogging. When life is examined by two classes of people the first a group of the so called intelligentsia who teach and of course constantly learn but I guess mostly from the experiences of others. The second lot is a group of people who are trying to make a living and never have had or now have the time to explore life in parts or its totality as the first lot.

The first lot makes a living out of exploring life itself and the second group lead a life eventful only in the pursuit to make a living.

Though living in total contrast with each other these both groups bring forward some very profound understanding of life. One emerging from the pursuit of answers that would address world and life’s problems in general while the second group common me and you give profound insights acquired from their own experience of life.

I have much to write but I would rather stop here and enjoy the buffet of thoughts before it all passes into a forgetful past as time connects me with my realities

If you have time I suggest you this experiment, you will enjoy it