Faith, Fear or Love

When the cruel and guilty defend their crimes
The innocent lie mute and chained in dungeons
When crimes are dressed in religious laws
The world stands aghast seeing humanity loose

Can illiteracy be blamed for barbaric actions
Or intelligence take blame for fabricating lies
Should authority be blamed for acting powerful
Trampling the powerless in the pretext of law

When shocking revelations of the human nature
Electrocutes every instance of common goodness
When deep inside the evolving human minds
Goodness is tortured, chained and brutality freed

As religions are practiced in the pretext of good
The evil treads slowly and make home in the minds
Making them look more like veils of taboo
To coverup and defend what is already wrong

When defenders of crime drill through scriptures
To find innovative atrocities in the name of religion
If their quest was for excuses to defend their crimes
It could have been found even in blank sheets of paper

Religions are made to show man what is good
Not become laws or rules to punish one another
Religions can be built on faith, fear or love
It rest in your hands to choose your own path

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