100 days to 40-Age is opportunity no less than youth itself.

Chronicling the 100 days to hit forty is to look back on those years that I remember and in the process see what was important and also look at what should be important moving forward. The whole idea is to create a style for the years ahead.

chronicleIt is said that everything happens for a reason and if you have a choice better exercise. it. Will this count down transform me and my life, I don’t know. But it will give me 100 things to look back and evaluate. See what were the things I wrote when forced to write a post a day for 100 days in a row as I step into my forties.
Why is this project important. Because there are thousands and probably millions who will turn 40 by the end of the year and they all are stepping into that pivotal position where they need to create their own style of life.

This is my attempt in styling mine…