The Dilemma of Celebrity Tweeters

When we have enough reality shows where celebrities face each other, the twitter paradigm has posed a new type of challenge for the celebrities. Not a competition but a dilemma that many celebrities who choose to tweet will face in the future. The power of social media has become so much ingrained into the lives of their fans and the fact that the tweeting exercise has given too much of a proximity with the stars, the fans might call the shots tomorrow.

The tweet fame for a celebrity happens in a variable velocity for many. Initially when the celebrity starts tweeting the fans come in like bees and start following. I take tweeting as an example because that is the most used social media among celebrities as it gives them more control.

They retweet the words of their icons whether interesting or irrelevant. They honestly rejoice the connection. I know this for a fact because I also follow a few celebrities not because of what they write but just because I feel good doing so and with some I have been their Fan since I remember and continue to be; it really does not mater what they tweet.

I have also stopped following a few because the relevance of what they say have started to matter less for me now.

There are some celebrities for who writing is the way of life and tweeting is nothing different from what they actually do for a living. This is a special breed here

While I am not sure if all of them do their tweeting themselves I believe at an early stage many do. Though I have my serious doubts on a few that I follow 🙂

Again some are so hilarious, good with words and brutally open and it is a fun to read them in short snippets any time of the day

Finally there are a few tweet accounts that don’t make any claim as to who tweets and still have over a million people following

All this continues and moves good till the actual challenge comes up; To keep tweeting as regularly as you can to ensure that fans are not frustrated. If it is a movie star this becomes nothing different from the pressure of giving the next blockbuster, or if it is a musician giving his or her next top of the charts piece.

There will come a time when many celebrities might have to engage people to do this for them, either get the secretary to do it or may be hire a new hand to accompany them from locations to locations and even dress rooms to tell their fans what they have been thinking and doing.

I don’t want to project if all celebrities would do this or are doing this. But many who jump into this thinking they will miss the boat otherwise will end up in this fate. Again no predictions, just opinions.

I have heard that many of the one liners for which winston churchill was so famous were not necessarily written for the speech, but were statements what he made in real life and he used to ask his assistant to note it down thinking that he could use it some time.

One such one liner is Never was so much owed by so many to so few He said this when he saw the young fighter pilots in their 19 and early 20s take off to protect the borders of the nation that he had a responsibility to keep safe.

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