God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages

The world has been debating the existence for a long time and not just the existence, but also the form, powers and character of God and how you reach him or her. I have always felt rather amused by the seriousness man takes in defining something he has not seen and is more a manifestation of his beliefs and upbringing. Now I will get a million frown faces for saying that but my intention is not to belittle anyones believe systems or change you way of thinking.

eye_of_godFor me God is a creation of the individual and so will grow and age with him. If you are a 10 year old and you have a God, he or she should also be 10 years old. If you are 25 years old so is your God and same goes when you are 40 or 60 or a 100.

Now think of a 60 year old trying to explain God to a 20 year old. It is tough to understand unless the 20 year old accepts that the divinity is above his mortal self and that the 60 year old knows everything about life.

My point is simple; You cannot fathom something that you are not grown up to understand. Which leaves us a question age does not mean your intelligent self has grown up, talk about enlightenment at age 16 if you wish. Well that is a different debate all together.

If you cant converse with your God like you do to a friend, it is not going to work out however someone tries to explain to you. So it is all in side you. If you want to understand the riddles of life, the only thing to do is look inside you that looking up to have an invisible hand write the answers to life’s questions on the white board of clouds up in the heavens.

My Two Cents

People make their own Gods!

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