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Religions should be studied without God in Mind

How would study of religions be different if we take out God out of the equation? This poses two questions. Firstly why do you need it without God? And secondly why is religion relevant to be studied? Let me try to answer the second question first. The relevance of religion and beliefs in human civilization are so high that you can’t understand man without knowing what has over the years shaped his mind. From fears, to laws, to cultures to wars, religions have played a major role. The future is also much the same and we are seeing more and more people trying to identify them with religions and trying to communicate with others through it. This in due course can create a vast gap among people and if more people are open to learn religion in a new light the more things can get closer. I strongly feel that this would be a better solution that promoting an outright rejection of religion.

Now for the first question, when you remove God from the equation, the whole thing becomes a philosophy which can be