It is always Good and Bad, Not what your Faith is

The Popular thought is that the world is made up of atheists and believers; while that might be true, atheists can be of two types as well. Interestingly both have a big difference in how they approach the world and the people in it. One group out rightly rejects the existence of God or a supreme power and with the help of science and logic questions everything to accept what can be factually proved. These are the people who debate with believers and according to believers the biggest enemies of faith. This thought might not be all that correct.

The biggest threat to a believers faith actually comes from the second type of Atheists. These atheists don’t appear to be atheists in the first look, but if you look closer you will know better. This group often involve God in everything they do and commit crimes as if there is no tomorrow. Now there is a reason why I call this second group Atheists.

If you believe God exists and if you think that Hell and Heaven are right, then won’t you fear to commit wrong? In this group of atheists you have god fearing people (as public calls them) who inflict pain and suffering when they are not praying. This group includes God men and women who claim divinity and behind the scenes close eyes to crimes done by their followers. The only way you can pray to god and do bad is if you don’t believe in him. So in effect there are only two types of people good and bad and believing in god is not a prerequisite nor a testimony that someone is good.

My Two Cents

True Salvation is achieved by being Good not by blind faith

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