Godmen, Godwomen and other Sidekicks to God

It is sad to note how much people get fooled by those who claim to change things around by moving a few stones or drawing a few columns and by claiming to read the movement of stars and planets that they say constitute your destiny. Yes I am talking of the con artists who come out and take advantage of vulnerable good individuals, trapping them into a lifelong servitude to crazy costly rituals. It is being proved over again that Education is never a sign of being logical…..using commonsense and being logical are far different from the knowledge you gain to make a living…be it in any field

Doctors, teachers, engineers, businessmen, Financial Analysts….all fall prey to the gimmicks of these people who claim to catch hold and bring to your feet the same unknown forces that you believe to be controling your destiny….

A while back in a radio show I was hearing such a person claim the ways to achieve financial success and financial freedom through astrology and so forth. I was amazed at the number of people who call up and ask questions. More than the fact that people love to live a life knowing they are always in control, they like more the feeling that even if they are not in control they will be saved by someone unknown….even if they screw up…..

Then again there is the belief that there is a god who is partial to the ones who pray to him….If that is the case how different is he from the old kings and dictators who help and save only the ones who bow down…. I have nothing against a person’s belief in God and the stories surrounding it….But using that as a career to make a living by fooling vulnerable folks is bad…….

May be my thoughts are shaped differently as I have seen so many good hearted nice people in my life who claim no affiliation or belief of God. And what makes me more outraged is that this God business is big money and more and more people get into it…Godmen, Godwomen and other sidekicks to the illusionary existence called God…..

It is high time that we acknowledge that the truth of life may be something much beyond the concept of God…….

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