Love at the time of Tolera(nce)

I don’t believe in a God or a supreme power; But I trust (and can fully give) in the love that many people (I know), get from their faith in a God or Supreme Power or spirituality or what ever they have faith in.

I am an atheist; but for me ‘Love’ is an emotion for which I don’t really care the source/belief/idea/imagination from which it is initiated. All I can do (I Think) is not (ever, never) obstruct it’s flow.

‘Love’ for me (in a very interesting form) is a conversation I can have with someone whose belief I can never agree an iota; but still I can communicate without the slightest bit of ill feeling. If that is not ‘Love’ what is it… And I don’t think there is any power above that feeling… that emotion… at least for me.

At the end of the game., what do we strive for in life… other than to rise above passing frivolous judgements on others….. Not engaging conversations and arguments that corner people till silence and tears grip them… And what is it for….? Because at the end of the day… we all are wrong and there is nothing right…. We all seek what we think is the Truth…. Walk any road, but don’t lose ‘Love’


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