Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes

Freedom is something you realize when you don’t have it, just like breathing which you notice only when you are short of it. Freedom also applies differently to people and some even make differentiation between freedom and ultimate freedom, though I am not sure what is the yard stick they use to measure it.

I have been so fortunate to be born in a free country and have learned
the hardships of my countrymen who lived in a pre-independence era. I have grown up learning to what extend the human will was ready to drive the body to achieve freedom, not just for oneself, but also for all future generations

As I grew to an adult I also saw freedom tampered in various parts of the world, people confining people on ideology, religion, race and other unimaginable reasons. I have seen people move from freedom to loosing it. I am fortunate to be born and to live in a free country. While I have cribbed on many things in life, the bottom line is I have been fortunate.

For those like me who have never really felt the loss of freedom should take steps to free them from themselves. Instead of cribbing about things that we don’t have, rejoice on what we have and finally freeing oneself by fearlessly and openly declare your inefficiencies, faults and inadequacies. I will free myself…..

My Two Cents

Be Free; In every sense!

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