Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence

For those who have been in love will know how important it is for life. Love can never be explained completely unless you have experienced it at least once. Love towards someone as well as the feeling of being loved. While many have been fortunate to experience it there are still many who have remain deprived of it

For me love was not a very expressive activity until I learned that love
needs to be expressed for it to grow. When you express love outside it also grows inside you and I have experienced it. There are so many small and tiny things in life that when you do expressively can grow into so much more. A simple “I love you” to your partner with a hug and smile is better than trying to explain through facts and figures on how much you love. Calling the kids to you and showing an old picture they drew and telling them this was so sweet of them is better than telling them that I ask you to do it because I love you.

Love for me has made several transformations in life. I have loved people, places, things that I own and now have grown to simply experience a love towards everything. I would like love towards the birds never build a cage around it. I want love to be the action of giving and the receiving its reaction which should be left unexpected. I want every one who has lost love in any way go on a journey in search of it, You will find it. Love is that one thing that once lost can always be found, always bigger, sweeter and truthful than ever….

My two Cents

Love someone Expressively!

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