The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually be afraid you will make one

Mistakes! The smart learn from it, the courageous own up theirs, and the Morons don’t make any. I have made many, so can assume I am not a moron. Smart and courageous well that might not have been always the case either, but a clarity of one out of three is not bad. It is nice to see how we deal with mistake, both ours and the ones we see others commit.

When we try to help our kid learn to walk, though he or she falls a hundred times, we never shout or yell at them but on eth contrary we take them up every time they fall

and hug them with love. The same we do the exact opposite when we see it in others at office, life and grownups anywhere. We don’t give people chances that we give our small kids and the same chances we got in our life.

Even with kids as they grow we become less lenient to them. Mistakes become the biggest NO in a child growing up. How do you expect them to be smart and courageous then? Over time they will make mistakes and stop realizing that they have made it and turn into Morons. So let them be free to make mistakes, own up theirs and learn from them.

The same goes when working with coworkers, family and friends. And one more striking genre is the elderly. As people get old they start becoming more and more like small kids and yet they never get the leverage that kids are given. They are forced to do things they have forgotten to do and learning is not an option any more. They need support from us to make mistakes, not to learn from them, but to live a life. Be considerate to those who commit mistakes, the world won’t fall apart by you doing it…

My Two Cents

Admit that you have made mistakes!

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