We should wake up everyday and thank those who guarded us at night

As the less strong slept inside the cave, the stronger took turns and stayed awake guarding against wild animals and other predators. Man had come a long way from defending just himself to becoming a social animal safeguarding people near and dear. In those times however the imminent danger was for his and his group alone and he did not have a broader vision or knowledge to understand the species and the world

From then to now the world has come a long way and every man now guards himself from other men. The Predators and wild animals are either captive, pseudo free or extinct. Man over the years build countries,

political systems, machines and above all refined the concept of defense and Army to coup with living in the constant fear of being ousted and attacked.

In every country when the majority sleeps sound underneath their cozy blankets, a few young men and women stand guard from enemies both internal and external. What is sad is that the same majority when they wake up in the morning never do so thanking those who stood guard. Man has got used to the comfort zone and accepting things such that they forget to react and thank for the life they live

The world has transformed and is no more a collection of different countries that philosophically and politically differ with each other but a single piece of existence and now also vulnerable as a single entity. In the wake of the earthquake and the Fukushima incident, world over people are waking up to realize that to be safe we need to look into us and see what we are doing wrong.

What happens anywhere else in the world can happen to us. It is not just saving our species, but also rectifying what we have collectively misdone as a species in our battle to emerge as the most powerful. When the world unites as one in the wake of misfortunes, this should be a step for us to look into ourselves and say that we will collectively work towards this not happening again, not just in our country but any where in the world.

It is not enough to build a house on the top of the mountain while the waters wash away everything that aids our existence. We have reached a time when all boundaries and structures we built for geographical dominance is of no value and the world we live is threatened…..

My Two Cents

Know that you owe every second of your sleep to someone!

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