I wish to be untrained always for my mind to remain fresh to transform itself to anything

There is someone I know who interestingly feel I have always been on the wrong track with everything in life :). So much was the feeling that he often raised his assumptions and discoveries with other close friends of ours. And some how I got to hear about it. It was such an amusement for me for the next few times I met him. This happened like 5 or 6 years back.

Every time I meet him I use to pull his legs and his assumptions and  hypothesis that I was totally and irregain-ably lost probably got more and more significance. It is often an experience to connect with people knowing that they have such a very bad opinion about you. That they will publicly talk down on you and that they see you as a absolute wreck and waste of the formal education you have received.

It is the fact that if you don’t fall into a pre defined life structure assigned to you by your education many look at you differently. I have heard that and seen that looks from many people all my life. The point I wanted to make today was that it is not necessary for people to look at you in a positive way, you can’t take responsibility for every ones ignorance, not at least the ones who think you are a run down, irreparable piece of crap.

No, I am not angry with the guy, nor am I sad of how he feels, but I am intrigued by how people strongly believe how others should think and behave. In a world where every kid is born with a uniqueness, the system and people struggle daily to create them into pre-packaged human bodies with tailored thoughts just like soaps, nails and toothbrushes are mass produced with a definite and accurate quality factor.

Let us give all the people wings of imagination and the freedom to fly in all directions, and you can see the kind of colorful displays they will make around you. Human mind can be structured to do very process oriented things does not mean it should be doing only that, It can be free to explore, experiment and redefine its limits. Keep Going untrained always…..

My Two Cents

Don’t Let Training be your Handicap!

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