No Job is good enough unless you say Good Job!!

I was looking at my posts in the past days and found that most of it had a rather serious bend always. It is not that life is always serious; it is just that the serious stuff bubbles up faster. Today on a lighter side I wanted to mention about something that many of us would have experienced.

I am not sure how many of us remember when we really got potty trained. I don’t, and I am not sure how many of you have tried getting your kid trained. With my yesterday’s post telling that I wish to remain untrained, I did not have potty training in my mind. So excuse me if you relate both, put 1 and 1 together and give me those nasty looks. Anyway a few months back we were slightly worried because our son was not yet trained.

Not worried really, I should say I never knew that peer pressure would surface itself even in these case. With many of our friends having kids of similar age and all religiously following the training schedule we did not want our kid to be left behind and started a schedule at our home as well. We bought a whole set of stickers and started the process. Taking him to the toilet and then at end of it giving him the sticker and telling him ‘Good Job!”.

He picked up fast though was adamant at times. We among us rotated ourselves with the responsibility to take him to the toilet. The most asked questions in the whole house were “Do you want to do pee?” and “Do you want to do poopoo?” I am not sure if even started asking that to guests who came in. Well some of my friends who are reading could comment that, but I probably had the urge to ask that to any one I met.

Anyway over a months time the guy was all trained and made a transition from diapers straight to underpants. He also learned that you have to appreciate when someone does a good job. We got that when he started standing outside the toilet door and telling everyone who comes out “Good Job, which sticker do you want.” Kids learn everything you show, they dont filter what is to be learned 🙂

My Two Cents

The context is what always matters !

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