Silence and stillness forces things to speak and move towards you

I am often the loudest in a group and if it is after a couple of drinks then you can imagine. But then I am not unaware of how important silence could be. I have tried a few times and failed to be silent when I wanted. Nevertheless I keep trying and hopefully I will understand silence before the realities in life force it on me.

In silence you can hear the world around you speaking to you. There are so much chatters and murmurs in this world that we fail to hear. The world around calls us all the time but we do not heed as we are way busy trying to etch our noise in the album of time. When I say I am not silent does not just mean I shout when I am alone as well. When I am alone I am silent to people around but not to myself. I think I am yet to find that stillness in self, where one can start hearing the world around.

Franz Kafka once said “Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet, still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked”. We are too busy to be silent and waiting and we go after every bit of this world and the more we uncover the more mysterious it gets. I think Kafka has a very relevant point here, if we don’t remain silent and allow the world to explain itself, how do you expect us to understand it. Observe, be still sometimes and quite that is what my dad use to say whenever he sees me restless and running around. I guess he wanted me to not run after my own voice and noise but listen to my own silence.

My Two Cents

Remain Still so the world can connect with you!

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