Watch Laurel & Hardy and go laugh out loud

Memories are what makes us enjoy many things in life. Today I went out to see Laurel and Hardy. We have the Essanay silent film museum, very close to our house. Essanay is one of the oldest film studios and the home of all the silent billy bronco western movies as well as a few Charlie Chaplin movies and more famously the place where ‘The Tramp’ was shot. They screen silent as well as old movies during weekends and my wife recommended that we see Laurel & Hardy this time.

Not just taking a road back in memory, it was got us in touch with a time in the past. The elderly couple who sat next to us told us that they grew up at Niles and how they use to sell empty bottles in 1930s to make money for movies in the theatre. When the movie started time went missing for many people as you heard roars and laughters all over.

It is true that you don’t feel all the acts funny, but the ones you feel funny, makes you laugh just like when you were kids. There was also a sense of innocence all over the theatre that was evident both among the viewers as well as the characters in the movies.

Being able to enjoy things that connect your memories and take you on comfortable trips to your past are quite relaxing. The high speed of information consumption has often made us ignore these innocent comedy that was once an integral part of life. Though this movie was a talkie, I love silent comedies, because the effort to make you laugh without uttering a word is visual talent in its purest form

My Two Cents

Watch a Silent Comedy Movie!