There is always a search, a journey into the heart of the truth

I am not a spiritual person and have never been one in my life, but the thought of spirituality without the existence of a supreme intelligence was too hard to ignore. If you love theories and philosophies, you will love this exploration. Though I found much of the spiritual aspects very rigid and impractical for a guy like me, I always loved the concept of the inner self and self exploration. Especially the ideas that one needs to question what he does not believe and that one should find his own answers.

When there are unknowns you can have so much fun explaining it and this goes same with scientists and philosophers. But for a common guy like me there lies a fuzzy area between practical life and the pursuit of truth that bewilders me. How does the ‘bills to pay’ reality and the ultimate truth be different for a common man. For the common guy the bills to pay and his pay check are the ultimate truths and realities and he does not find a reason to pursue a truth beyond that that he does not know about. He is not interested in adding up more unknowns into his life where the known itself quite burdening.

That being said, creating a love for debates between different schools of thought about the mysteries of human existence both as a mere spectator and as a participant is important. Accepting the ‘bills to pay’ reality with the awareness that the debates you participate won’t ‘pay your bills’, help you embark on a journey that could be looked more as one towards completeness of mind and body. From what I have been grasping from my life and what I have read this completeness is never about filling but all about emptying. Being able to reach a state of emptiness from which anything and everything can emerge and grow is the end of the cycle and that cycle is what we get to understand by searching for answers. I don’t know if this cycle has the existence of a supreme being, but the search obviously does not need one. In my opinion, the moment you create the supreme existence your pursuit fails its relevance.

Bills will get paid or will remain unpaid, time in the current form will end sometime in the future, many questions will remain unanswered, and many will never be asked. Yet individually everyone can reach their state of emptiness and completeness irrespective of one’s beliefs. Completeness is the convergence and assimilation of two parallel realities, your bills to pay’ reality and the unknown reality that you should pursue to uncover.

My Two Cents

Look at life, Beyond the bills to Pay!

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