If you are not organized, get someone who can tidy you up

My mother has always been very organized and to some extent a cleanliness freak; my wife too has a similar trait, though I would not use the word freak for her in a public site. My concept of cleanliness more or less starts and ends with my daily showers, and as far as being organized; I am far away from what that would mean. I think the bulk of arguments in our house more or less revolve around this.

Recently I was searching for some purchase bills and started a 2 hour marathon digging through all files and folders laying them all on the floor in my study. I got my hand on another piece of paper , a prescription that I had been searching for two weeks and had finally given up. Damn thrilled, I took that prescription and kept it safely in one of the first folders I saw and continued my search for the purchase bill. After 2 hours and lot of file flipping and folder flapping I again gave up and leaving everything as it is I moved on with life’s petty complains. A day later I again wanted the prescription but I had forgotten the folder I flipped it into. You now have a fair idea of the post.

You come to our study you can see that on the right side of a two seater desk there are lot of open envelopes, files, phone numbers written on orphaned sticky notes with no names to say whose it is and then a few unopened mails that are addressed to me. All these piled over an AppleMac that my wife had gifted me. On the left side of the desk you can see two neatly arranged laptops one mac and one PC next to which neatly stacked would be a few papers including bills, promotion material etc.. and pens that really write will be neatly placed in a pen holder. My wife sits here and you would have assumed which side of the desk would be mine.

Though both me and my wife have the same laptop and phone, it looks as if we both have our signatures on it. Mine would have some dust and hers would be neat and clean, well that’s good, because we don’t take each others phone or computer by mistake. My wife is the person who makes sure that all my clothes are neatly folded and I think it is a big waste of time because I would rather have three buckets of washed clothes, one for pants, one for shirts and one for undergarments and socks; just pick one when you want. But then she would not agree.

As I turn every moment of my life into a messy existence she stands beside and organizes every walk of our life. Today’s post is dedicated to her. Though I have to say that our kids are picking up and following on my footsteps pretty fast hurray!! 🙂

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  1. Thats a good one…I can see that happen each word by word because Im in the same situation as that…:-). Last week I remember keeping (Very carefully somewhere) one paper some one gave me for some programme to check. I cant find it this week when I had to give it back to him. Now have to tell him the situation and thadi thappanam with some alternative solution cos I remember vaguely what was in that 🙂

    Same situation happens here then 🙂 Oru pakaravoor trait ano ithu :-))

  2. First of all thanks for dedicating this post on me :-)! I know no one likes being in discipline but if that’s what I grew up with in my system – I don’t think it’s that bad ;-)! I will always save you the time ….I guess we are compatible there to make things happen…!!! But on the last line…I want at least one person to turn my way 😉 …lol ! Is that too much to ask?
    Keep writing

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