You don’t need to know a lot of words to start writing

A day ago I crossed my fiftieth post on my 100 days to 40. It feels good and over the fifty odd days I have touched on many things that matter to me and how it would matter to me in the future. I am also overwhelmed by the response I got from people unknown as well as friends and family who visit this site. I am still not sure how this site will pan out, but I know that I am having fun writing it

I was never a guy who was into writing, leave alone the thought that I would sometimes have my blog. I have never ever participated in a writing competition in my school days. This was never something I loved, till I found someone I loved and since she blogged I too started writing primarily for her and then kind of got hooked into this. So if this site pans out as something, big you should know the credit goes to someone else in my life.

My take is that if I can write anyone can write, and more than the ability to write it is your interest to write and your want to be a story teller. I think it is important for everyone to pen in their thoughts without the expectation that it should be read. Though I have to admit that I love when I know people read what I write, but I feel if you are not bothered by who reads, you will not be influenced by what people say. I think it would be great to pick your next birth day date and start a blog celebrating it and pen a few words every day. It is a very rewarding experience and please feel free to email me to get started. I am more than happy to help you and again free of cost. May be I will have one day dedicated to telling you all how to do it.

When you write about something, you are doing a great favor to the world of letters by adding your unique thoughts and opinions. Your footprints could be the one that would show many a way to walk. So I urge you all to write, there are many who will read it, there are many who will love it and there is a lot to learn from the ones who hate what you write. Keep writing

My Two Cents

If you don’t write, Start Writing!