Few things are so deadly as a misguided sense of compassion

Are People easily misguided? Or is it a choice people make to be misguided. There are some people who never trust anything they see unless they go deeper to make sure for themselves. And there is another group of people who take things on the face value and that takes them in the wrong road at times, sometimes, I don’t mean always. And then there are some people who put a leg in each group and remain in the middle. This is where majority of people fall.

The people in the middle have their own buckets from which they accept or discard. For example for me if someone tells me
that he or she is the person who can alleviate all my troubles I will ask them to take a walk, because if that was the case, the world would not have any sufferings. But in this aspect, I find more people not on my side and believe that there can be one person who has the powers to erase miseries.

At the same time if someone tells me that they will be at a place at a said time, I will take it for face value. I might be wrong here, but I rather trust that than go ahead and do otherwise. So before we put elements into the accept and non accept bucket, you should judge it. After all these have I been misguided, yes like hell I have been and I don’t know if I am still. But I accept the truth that I am not beyond anyone in being misguided, only that I won’t misguide someone. The goal is to be someone whose words can be taken on the face value. I sometimes wish life would not have been mysterious. May be you should leave somethings there.

My Two Cents

You could get misguided, But never misguide someone else!

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