You’re never too old to become younger

Maturity is great thing to have, but being polished should have its limits. If it happen at the risk of losing your youthfulness, I say don’t go that way. Etiquette is a big thing when it comes to business, but it also becomes a big issue when it comes to personal relationships. But some take it too far and put too many restrictions on communication. Usage of language, laughing loud, dressing and much more. They make a lot of things inappropriate that people start behaving in a pre-defined one suits for all mode. The simple fact is that they think maturity means being stiff, rigid and avoiding a lot of things you did as youth. Crap!

I am ok with being polite, and having some censor on the language, but something loses its delicacy when you don’t convey

in the spirit. And the spirit might include some foul language and obscene actions. May be you can avoid doing that in front of kids or women. Though I personally think that women have the right to hear a joke in the same way it is presented in a men’s group. I would rather laugh out loud on a below the belt joke that show an elegant face and search for groups to be myself.

My Two Cents

Don’t be too polished, it might wash off the youthfulness in you

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